A corporate identity or logo designing simplifies your product in the consumer’s mind space. It gives a distinct symbolic identity to your brand in a market cluttered with undifferentiated products. Logo designing is your business signature – it gives your brand a stamp of ownership. You get identified by the short code, i.e. by your logo designing. More than aesthetics, every line, every color, every flourish must have a meaning attached to it, otherwise you are not making use of the full potential of this symbolism.

  • Logo DesigningRate List/costing :-
    Company Logo or
    Numonics Designing in
    High Resoltion
    (open file/corel file)

* Note: – after approval of creative any type of updations or alterations will cost 25% extra of actual cost.
Open file of creative will be delivered only after full payment done.


Sometimes, when the best laid-out plans go awry, brand managers begin to wonder – why strategize? But that’s exactly the reason why they need the services of a branding agency in the first place.
A branding consultancy knows that, brand strategy is the art of forecasting future market trends, establishing new communication channels with your consumers, re-aligning brand attributes with their consumer needs; engaging and exciting them in various subtle ways at every anticipated and non-anticipated touch point.


Corporate identity is the face and the interface of your brand. It’s about the look, feel and visual elements of your product, so it must articulate what you want your Brand to be. Uniquely tailored to your positioning, your Corporate Brand Identity must be uniformly conveyed across communication channels (internal as well as external) and stamp all your marketing collaterals, at all consumer touch points.
So whether it is a letter head, a stationary deck, a banner ad, a signage, a print ad or an online tool, 360 degree communication of your corporate identity is absolutely essential to establish a strong presence for your brand in a cluttered marketplace. It’s a short-form of your brand, and a positioning statement.

Packaging Design

You may not realize it, but sometimes a small change in the packaging can prod a sluggish-moving product to yield terrific sales at the point of purchase.
Putting a spin on the old adage – you can judge the contents of a book by its cover. We believe you can judge the quality of a product from its packaging. It’s the first thing buyer’s notice, which is why a diamond ring will always come in a satin-lined box, and a packet of banana wafers in a crisp, rustling paper bag, testifying to the freshness of the product packed inside. Watch the excitement on a child’s face, when he rips open that packet.
Second, product packaging is also preserving the longevity of a product, ease of transportation etc. Above all, thoughtful, attractive, carefully-considered packaging reveals that you care about your product and have lovingly ‘gift wrapped’ it for your customers.


In print format, a brochure or catalogue design is a miniature painting of your business. Both brochure and catalogue design are physical alternatives to your web property. A brochure or a catalogue can be touched, it can be felt, it can be left on a client’s table – so it must be very real and powerful. The main objective of a Business Brochure, a Product Catalogue or a Company Profile, for that matter is to drive customers to your website, which in the Digital Age is the main repository of all the information on your brand.
That’s the reason, we let our clients’ brochures and catalogues be led by design and bold copy, without the pressure of conforming to the digital demands of search engine optimization (SEO). The text in brochure and catalogue is kept to what is absolutely essential and eye-grabbing.
Key-word dense text may be extremely important for Google crawlers in digital collaterals, but when it comes to the real thing, visuals speak louder and clearer and you will see that amplified in our brochure and catalogue designs, that are a visual treat in themselves.


We are clear about one thing – our ads must sell products, not just win us accolades. As a full-suite advertising agency, Litmus caters to the target market not to the grand jury of an award committee. We understand that brand advertising is not fine art but applied art.

Ads that win awards, are not always ads that sell products. If pretty ads were selling products, companies that win advertising awards, should also be winning sales awards, but that’s seldom the case.  Fact is good brand advertising campaigns cannot be created or sustained in a vacuum.

Therefore, we don’t make clients throw good money after bad ideas if consumers are unlikely to buy that kind of bromide. If a smart, guerrilla strategy works just as well, we’ll sell that as an idea, and thank you for trusting our judgment. We don’t chase “awareness” and “impressions.” As a brand advertising agency, we’ll pursue sales and revenue and hold ourselves accountable for performance on true metrics that make sense to you.


The surest way to turn away prospects is to build a sad-looking html website filled with poorly-written text that neither moves, nor shakes. It can turn away your flirtatious customer to the next site that holds his full attention, and cannot convert visitors into buyers.

As a professional web design agency, we understand that a web property that is attractive and compelling and avoids the design mistakes that website design agencies often make, can work wonders for your brand. As a website design service, we know that well-designed websites are an excellent tool not just for lead generation but also for brand building.

In effect, your website is like a digital business card. The very first look at your online store will decide whether a customer would want to get in, and with any luck, stay on and shop. With the new SEO guidelines in place, you cannot do without original, addictive, sticky content. Your customers must be willing to crawl through a server for something unique to experience in your store, and this includes navigation and other ergonomics of your web property, that Litmus as a website design service provides in the fullest measure.


The key challenge before digital marketers is – how to grab the attention of a multi-tasking, multi-device using audience in a multi-screen world? Attention-deficient in a deeply-fragmented, highly-competitive marketplace, how do you draw them to your web store? The simple and straight answer is – Responsive Website Design.

Regardless of the device from which a user is accessing your web property, Responsive Website Design makes sure that their user experience remains uncompromised. The images, the navigation, the text, all automatically fit the device screen – big or small. As a responsive website designing service, Litmus understand these fundamental rules of the game.

The rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets, the growing popularity of Internet-connected TVs makes it imperative that digital content be delivered to a number of screens. Responsive Website Design-or a single-URL site configuration enables content providers to dynamically adjust their website to fit any screen size of any internet-enabled device.


The biggest challenge with e-Commerce Web Development is to provide secure encryption.

Since Indian shoppers are still wary of using credit cards on websites, they have to be assured that your website is 100% secure and data breaches of any kind are highly unlikely.

As a specialized agency in e-commerce web development, we understand that product display, use of advance virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) tools, especially on a retail site are some of the key challenges that must be managed to make virtual shopping as real as the real thing. And also more convenient than the real thing.

Armed with several years of experience as an e-commerce web development company, we understand that there are several other factors also that contribute to the success of a consumer-friendly, e-commerce website – it should be easily navigable, it must display all products and features in a manner that the need for ‘touch and feel’ is rendered completely redundant.